Chateaus and castles

Grabštejn Castle and Chateau

Hradek nad Nisou

Grabštejn Castle was founded in the 13th century. Over the centuries it was rebuilt several times and the later adjustments changed it into a comfortable manor. It was first opened to the public in 1993. Visitors can view the Gothic cellars and the rooms in two storeys of the chateau that are furnished mostly with original pieces of furniture, decorated with paints and other decorative items. The real jewel is the Renaissance Chapel of St. Barbora with rich paint decorations from the 16th century. The tower offers views of distant surroundings.

Rock Castle and Hermitage in Sloup

Sloup v Cechach

The 30-metre-tall sandstone formation seemed to be a safe place for people from prehistoric times.

Lemberk Chateau

Jablonne v Podjestedi

The Lemberk Chateau was originally a border watch tower on the merchant route to Žitava in Germany. The only preserved original part is the cylindrical tower: the other parts were rebuilt in the Renaissance and Baroque style.

Ruins of Castle Tolštejn

Jiretin pod Jedlovou

Castle Tolštejn is situated 4 km southwest of Varnsdorf.

Ruins of Castle Saunstejn

Ceska Kamenice

Rests of rocky castle Šaunštejn are situated on a narrow sandstone block about 1 km north of village Vysoká Lípa

Ruins of Kyjovský Castle

Krasna Lipa

Ruins of the castle is situated about 3 km west of Krásná Lípa.

Ruins of Castle Krásný Buk

Krasna Lipa

The remnant of the castle lies 2 km west of Krásná Lípa.

Šluknov Chateau


A representative residence in the style of Saxony Renaissance, the origins of this chateau date back to the 16th century when Arnošt of Šlejnic had the chateau built between 1566 and 1573 on the Šluknov Estate.

Bredovský Villa - Lemberk Chateau

Jablonne v Podjestedi

The early-Baroque Bredovský Letohrádek in the nearby vicinity used to be a part of the Lemberk Chateau.

Ruin of Starý Falkenburk Castle

Jablonne v Podjestedi

The castle is first mentioned in 1390. It was built to protect the Záhvozd pathway.

Ruin of Velenice Castle


The ruin of the castle is located at the northwestern side of the village of Velenice in the direction towards Svitava.

Ruin of Milštejn Castle


The castle was founded in the 1st half of the 14th century by the family of Berka from Dubá in order to provide protection for the merchant route to Žitava. It was built on sandstone blocks and has never been conquered.

Ruins of Chřibský Castle


Chřibský Castle (Lower Charlestone) is situated 4 km southwest of Krásná Lípa

Ruin of Hamrštejn Castle


Hamrštejn Castle is situated on the rock extension high above the Lužická Nisa River.

Ruins of Castle Kamenice

Ceska Kamenice

Kamenice castle was built on a conical basalt hill, south of Česká Kamenice.

Ruins of castle Brtnický hrádek

Stare Krecany

There is no written information about this small castle.

Liberec Chateau (not open to public)


The chateau in Liberec was built in the Renaissance style. The construction was completed in 1587. The valuable Renaissance chapel built at the beginning of the 17th century is well-preserved.

Ruins of castle Falkenstejn

Ceska Kamenice

Falkenstejn is the remnant of rocky castle on the southeast sandstone knot in massive of Havraní kámen (Crow´s stone) on northeastern edge of Jetřichovice.

Ruins of castle Orlí roh

Stare Krecany

A nameless Slavic fort was discovered above the confluence of Křinice River and Brtnice Stream in 1994.

Ruins of Castle Fredevald

Ceska Kamenice

Former castle, called Pustý zámek (Abandoned castle), lies in narrow valley of river Kamenice, 3 km east of Česká Kamenice.