Outdoor swimming pools

Radvanecký Pond

Sloup v Cechach

Radvanecký Pond is situated at the northern edge of Sloup v Čechách, a recreational village in the large valley of the Dobranovský Brook.

Harcov Dam


The dam is located at the centre of the city of Liberec, it is a popular destination not only for swimming but for walks as well.

Teichmuehle - Tajch Pond


Teichmühle Pond is located in the Liberec suburb called Vesec.

Kristýna swimming centre

Hradek nad Nisou

The Kristýna recreation resort offers pleasant time spent at a lake with clean ground water. The lake is situated amidst trees and you will certainly have a great time there. Kristýna is ideal for bathing, windsurfing and doing other water sports including angling. The resort features restaurants, kiosks, showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Nový Bor swimming centre

Novy Bor

Swimming pool in Novy Bor in your area offers camping, sports fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball. Near the complex is also a sports hall with climbing wall. There are restaurants, washroom, showers, toilets and dressing rooms. The area is suitable for hiking and biking or cycling.

Jablonné v Podještědí swimming centre

Jablonne v Podjestedi

The concrete pool in natural settings with sand and grass beach is situated at the campsite at the edge of Jablonné v Podještědí.

Chrastava swimming centre


The swimming centre is situated beyond Chrastava, at the football pitch. Visitors can relax on green turf beaches or play beach volleyball.

Vápenka swimming centre


The Vápenka swimming centre in Liberec was built in 1993 and is probably the oldest concrete pool in the former Czechoslovakia.

Sluníčko swimming centre


The outdoor swimming centre is situated in quiet settings on the outskirts of Liberec - Vratislavice.

Český Dub swimming centre

Cesky Dub

The swimming pool is situated in the recreational zone of the town. Visitors can relax on grassy areas.

Hoření Paseky swimming centre

Svetla pod Jestedem

The natural swimming centre offers grass beaches offering relaxation and a view of the Central Bohemian Highlands.

Pond Mašiňák


Polesí swimming centre


A swimming pool with grass banks and a concrete bottom.