Places of natural interest

Klíč Mountain


The distinctive, isolated conical mountain named Klíč - i.e. Key is situated in the Lužické Hory, near Nový Bor.

Hill Luž


The well-visible, conical mountain named Luž, elevated 793 metres above sea level, is the highest point of the Lužické Hory. It is situated at the border with Germany.

Forest Theatre, Sloup v Čechách

Sloup v Cechach

The Forest Theatre was built in a shallow rocky lowered area at the south-west base of the Na Stráži sandstone buttress, about 0.5 km to the South of Sloup.

Waterfall of Luční Potok


The waterfall is situated 4 km to the west from Kytlice, on the Luční Brook.

Hill Jehla

Ceska Kamenice

Hill Jehla - Needle Hill is a basalt hill situated in mountainous country.

Zelený Vrch Hill


Zelený Vrch - i.e. Green, 586 m is a distinctive phonolite mountain covered with forest, stretched over the surrounding area. It is situated approximately 1.5 km to the northeast from Cvikov, above the northern edge of Drnovec.