Protected landscape areas

Čertova Zeď

Cesky Dub

Not far from Český Dub you can come across an extraordinary geological formation - remnants of a prepared basalt dike.

Nature preserve Studený Vrch

Ceska Kamenice

This reservation was established to protect of ingenuous dendroflora characteristics for Lusatian mountains.

Dutý Kámen Nature Preserve


The Dutý Kámen nature preserve is located to the east from Cvikov. The noteworthy geological phenomenon - in English: Hollow Rock, is sandstone decomposed into unusual tiny columns. The little columns in a fan-like arrangement are 2 - 5 cm wide and up to 3 m high. The phenomenon is best visible from the 2.5-metre high rocky gnarl nearly in the middle of the ridge.

Nature Preserve Babylon


Nature preserve Babylon was established for purpose to protect rocky sandstone towns, which are wooded by fine type of pine with high and straight logs.

Nature preserve Pekelský Důl

Ceska Kamenice

Nature preserve Pekelský Důl serves to protect of quaggy humid meadow with mass occurrence of endangered species of wetland´s fauna and flora.